£15 cashback and save abroad


No fees when spending abroad, top exchange rates and £15 cash back on first card load.
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Buying your travel money at the airport is a thing of the past. You can buy your holiday currency and control your overseas expenditure using the Caxton FX currency card and smartphone app – at a time and place that suits you, and benefit from a great exchange rate.

Choose the currency you want and lock in a great exchange rate using the Caxton FX smartphone app or via your online account. The balance then remains in the currency you’ve chosen so you can spend overseas fee-free. Should you need to, you also have the flexibility to switch between currencies, add more funds or redeem funds. Check balances and transactions as well as block missing cards and change currencies, all using our mobile app. Plus, should you need support, our friendly customer service team are here to help.

The Caxton FX currency card is chip and PIN secure and accepted at over 35 million destinations worldwide, anywhere the MasterCard symbol is displayed.

Order your card today and gain greater control of your overseas expenditure!